TIME HACKER Requests / inquiries

About this application

Thank you for using TIME HACKER.
TIME HACKER has developed for the purpose of supporting "making time in busy everyday".
In particular,

  • Measure everyday behavior
  • Have you look back on useless hours, good times you can scrape
  • Increase the time you want to secure day by day

We support things.
Details are also described in here, so please take a moment to read it.

Top View

It is the top screen of the application.
You can start measuring the action here or stop the action under measurement. Both measurements start by tapping "frequently used action" and "action list".


frequently used action


Here are the top 3 most frequently used actions.

action list


A list of registered actions is displayed.
You can do the sorting order, change the action, etc. in the action list screen. Please refer here for the method of new registration.

Record View


Tap the action to display this screen.
While measuring, it will continue even if you close the application.

When performing another action concurrently during measurement (for example, reading while traveling on a train, etc.), "Temporarily executing button" You can add an action by tapping.

To stop the measurement,


You can stop the measurement by tapping this stop button.
By stopping the measurement, the original Top screen is displayed.

For the time being, an execution button (measurement is started with the action undetermined)


By tapping this button, you can start the measurement without selecting any action.
When you are in a hurry, if you can not afford to select an action, please start measuring from this button etc. Please use.
Also, if measurement is started from here, the action is set to "not set".


If you do not set it, you will not know which action was executed when looking back later, so please set up appropriate action later (see below)

Open report View


By tapping this icon on the top screen, you can open the Report view.

Open action list View


By tapping this icon on the top screen, you can open the action list view.

Open the menu View


By tapping this icon on the top screen you can open the menu screen.

Action list View

You can check the list of registered actions.


Although multiple actions are registered from the beginning, if you do not need to delete or hide the action, please change to another action name and use it.

Here is what we can do with this view.

New registration


You can register new actions.
By tapping this button, we will transition to the screen of action new registration.
Please refer here for the method of new registration.

Reorder actions


By pressing this button you can rearrange the actions.


The sorted actions are reflected not only on the action list but also on the top page.
Reordering can be canceled by tapping the sort button again.

Go to Action Details / Edit View

By tapping the action in the list, you can switch to the action details / edit View.


Action detail / edit View(Action new registration)


You can check the details of the action and edit it.


On the Action New Registration view, enter the following items.

Enter name

Please enter the name of the action.
This item is mandatory input.

Select icon

Please select the action icon.
This item is mandatory input.
When you tap here, the following screen is displayed, so please select your favorite icon.


Set action

Action to cut

If the action you want to register is an action you want to cut time for you, turn this switch on.
For example, have you thought that you can secure time for study if you cut down on the time of the TV?
In such a case, I will make an action on TV and turn ON what I want to cut.


After that, if you watch TV in the day, record by this action, please check on the time management of the report screen on how much you can cut off this action you want to cut later You can do.
The following screen is a report when you recorded the action you want to cut for one week.


You can not check both actions you want to cut and action you want to increase.
If both are selected, will be saved with last registered content.

Actions you want to increase

If the action you want to register is an action you want to create time for you, turn this switch on.
For example, if you want to increase the amount of study time with the idea of the opposite of the action you want to cut, turn on the action you want to increase your study's action.


After that, when studying in the day, by recording with this action, you can check how much action you want to increase later by time management on the report screen can.
The following screen is a report when you recorded the action you want to increase for one week.


You want to hide

If you want to hide this action, turn this switch on.
By turning it on, you can not see this action on the top screen action list or report screen, and you can not see the recorded data.
(It is displayed in the action list)
If you want to see it again, you can display it by releasing this switch.


Please keep in mind that the method of saving changes between when editing an action and when registering newly

Action new registration

Since the save button is displayed at the top right of the view, you can save by tapping here.



In the edit view, it is automatically saved at the same time as input. You can go back to the original view as it is and there is no problem.


To delete the action itself, tap the "Delete" button.


By deleting, the following data is deleted. Once deleted, it can not be restored.

  • Delete action
  • The action history that we were measuring with the action to be deleted so far

Report View

On the report screen, various analyzes can be performed based on the recorded action.
TIME HACKER currently offers the following reporting functions.

  • Behavior History Report
  • Action Report
  • Time management report

I will explain each report function here.

Action history report View

You can check the action history of the specified period.


In addition to checking the history, you can edit actions. To edit an action, you can do by tapping the action at the bottom of the screen.


Edit the recorded (recording) action


In this screen, you can edit the recorded (recording) action. Items that can be edited are:

  • Action category
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Delete record

Please make various edits and press the save button at the end to save.

The end time can not be set before the start time.

If an action is in progress, you can not specify the end time. If you want to manually enter the end time, please stop measuring the action.


Change the unit of Action history graph

The unit of the action history graph can be changed in the settings.

First, tap the menu button on the top screen.


Next, tap Report Settings.


Select the unit from "minute" or "percent".


Action report view

In this screen, you can analyze the history of each action.
The following is the first screen that appears when you tap on the action's Action tab.


By tapping each action you can analyze each detail.
Below is the screen when we saw the study in one week period, for example.


Time management report view

In the action setting, if you set action to set to cut or set the action you want to increase Analysis can be done.

By making effective use of this screen,

  • How much wasted time is sent a day?
  • How much time did you want to secure for skill up etc?

You can check efficiently.

The following screen is the report screen of the action you want to increase.


Switching actions you want to cut / action you want to increase can be switched by tapping below.


Also, by tapping the place where "Date · Time" is displayed, you can check how much you wanted to shave / increase the day.


Specify the period to analyze

By tapping the date on each report view, you can specify in which time period the report is analyzed.


Tap the date to display the view to select the date period.


You can also display the next period / previous period by tapping the arrow next to the date.


Share various reports

By tapping the share button on each report view, you can share on Twitter etc.


Tap the share button to display the activity view. Select Twitter etc.



By registering TIME HACKER as a widget, you can execute the following functions within the widget.

  • Start recording actions
  • Stop recording action
  • Open the application


How to set widget

To set widget, Please tap "Edit" on the widget screen.


Since "Add Widgets" is displayed, Please add TIME HACKER.


Widget will be added.


Tap "Show More" in the upper right The display will be in 2 rows.
Tap "Show Less" to display one column.

Open icon


Tap to open the TIME HACKER application.

Record icon


Recording will start with no settings.

Action icon


Tap the icon for each action,Start recording actions.
The first few actions in the order are displayed for the action.

Recording with widget


In the TIME HACKER widget, tap the record icon or action icon to start recording.
Tap the stop button to stop recording.

Recording is linked with application and widget.
The contents recorded by the widget are also reflected in the application, Conversely, contents recorded by the application are also displayed in the widget.

Up to two icons are displayed while recording actions.
Third and later are not displayed, but recording is possible.

Backup / Restore

TIME HACKER can back up and restore data on iCloud.

iCloud will be used, so please sign in with your Apple ID.
(Settings>Sing in to your iPhone >You can sign in by entering your Apple ID.)


Open the menu screen from the main screen.


Tap Backup / Restore.
(If you are not signed in to your Apple ID, "ICloud access error" is displayed)


Tap Backup to iCloud.


Tap "Backup" to start backup. ※


"Backup completed" is displayed and the app is restarted.


※ If there is existing data, you are prompted to overwrite it.


Sign in to the Apple ID that was used for the backup.

Open the menu screen from the main screen.


Tap Backup / Restore.
(If you are not signed in to your Apple ID, "ICloud access error" is displayed)


Tap Restore from icloud.


Tap "Restore" to start restoring from iCloud data. ※


“Restore from iCloud is complete” is displayed and the app is restarted.


※ If restored, the current data is discarded.


I want to add a past action

It is a way to register past actions, such as when you forgot measurement.

  1. First, since anything is fine, tap an action to start measurement.

  2. Stop the action whose measurement has been started.

  3. Open the report screen


4.Edit the previously measured action


Set the date here to the date you want to register in the past.

The past actions are now registered, and aggregation and analysis are also performed on the relevant date.

(Tracking of past actions is currently very difficult to operate, so we are also considering it as an additional feature)

Data transfer (device change)

TIME HACKER can back up data to iCloud.
You can use this function to transfer data between devices.


Old device: Data migration source device, currently used device
New device: Data transfer destination device, device to be used in the future

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Back up data on the old device

  1. Sign in to your Apple ID from your old device settings.

  2. Start TIME HACKER on the old device.

  3. Opens the backup / restore screen.

  4. Tap Backup to iCloud.

  5. Tap "Backup" to start backup.

  6. When "Backup completed" is displayed, the process is complete.

The data of the old device has been uploaded on iCloud

Step 2: Restore data on new device

  1. Sign in to the new device with the same Apple ID as the old device.

  2. Install TIME HACKER on the new device.

  3. Start TIME HACKER on the new device and open backup / restore screen.

  4. Tap Restore from iCloud.

  5. Tap "Restore" to start restoring from iCloud data.

  6. “Restore from iCloud is complete” is displayed and the app is restarted.

The data on the old device is restored to the new device, and the data migration is complete.